One month out, hello nerves!

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Anne, checking in on day two of our blog!

I have to admit, I’m nervous.

This road trip is the sort of thing I’ve always talked about wanting to do, and we’re about one month away from actually doing it.

It reminds of me of Jim Gaffigan: “You ever have so much to do you just decide to take a nap?”

Every day is that struggle between doing the easy thing, and staring the scary ideas in the face and whispering into its ear seductively “I own you.”

There’s a lot to worry about:

How will we pay bills?

Who will think we’re awesome enough to help us out?

Who will care for my cat if we can’t get a big enough RV to take her with?

Can we really make this happen?

It’s tempting to do anything to forget about those worries.

Addicting tv shows are a horrible example of a time suck that makes you forget about everything you should be thinking about.

It’s been my weakness.

My solution? Set some achievable goals.

I know I’m biting off more than I can chew, by trying to maintain a small business web help blog (which includes weekly video tips, newsletter and more), maintaining my first ever product I’ve put up for sale, and deciding that I want to produce entertaining videos on YouTube under my username Terribly Serious. Entertaining enough to become a YouTube partner.

That whole list doesn’t even include other side projects I haven’t even been able to launch yet that I’m working on with other people.

And now, this road trip. I already quit my job to make time for all of the insane things I want to do, but trying to achieve a bunch of things doesn’t pay the bills all by itself.

I must focus…

I’ve had plans come and go, and right now I don’t have one.

It’s time to figure out what will give me enough structure to stay on target, yet enough flexibility to make changes and not feel as though I’ve become a slave to my own ideals.

Now, I’ve run out of the funds to continue to participate in CrossFit, so I’m going to come up with a strategy to keep getting in shape. To do that, I’m going to appeal to my inner child and geek nature… and develop a spy training program for myself.

By putting my health, fitness and something to geek out about at the center of my life I should be able to stay motivated and excited about everything – hopefully enough to keep me going through all of my other projects.

I hope it works!

Here are some of the resources I plan to use to put this together:

And, that’s a start. The language is because spys have to know more than one language, right? ;)

Over and out.



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