A Jobless Duo

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This Sunday will be my last day of work. This next Sunday we’ll be out on the open road, a jobless duo…or maybe “unpaid bloggers/adventurers” sounds more impressive. Either way, this thing is scaring the hell out of me.

Up until now, my excuse for putting off planning this trip has been work, or being tired from work. And they were legitimate excuses, at least when our trip was months out – a mere dot on the horizon. Now, without much work to hinder me, my excuses like, “I have to make a list about what I need to get done before I can actually get anything done,” or, “I’m tired from all that TV watching,” don’t hold much water.

So what is there to do in this type of scenario?

I call in my baby sister to help.

Together we planned out a whole packing list (complete with food and clothing sections) started shopping for supplies, and cleaned out the piles of Christmas disaster left over in my room. And check out this nifty long-range weather forecast I found!

Now I’m off to schedule an appointment with my favorite person…the dentist.




2 Responses to A Jobless Duo

  1. Kat says:

    I’m definitely reading your blog at work. It’s been an excellent use of time. This is probably one of the best blog posts ever, especially that last sentence.

  2. Rachel says:

    Haha, of course it’s a good use of time! It’s like…one of the many facets of the homeless culture! Research! ;)

    And thank you :)