This car is ready to trip out!

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Some of my belongings are actually packed for storage! Yay!

The road trip is only a week out and we are starting to panic!

I am still working on packing away all my belongings for storage, as well as sorting out the few meager belongings I can bring with me.

I was all ready to pack what I’m bringing into a duffle bag… when Rachel pointed out that she was going to go crazy if we were living out of bags with no way to organize.

The Solution for the Madness

Turns out there are a lot of things to put other things in. They call those containers.

Really, really handy things, containers.

We made what turned into an hours-long trip to… the Container Store! There we deliberated over all sorts of containers:

  • Containers for trash
  • Containers for dirty laundry
  • Containers for clean laundry
  • Containers for shampoos, soap and toothbrushes
  • Containers for miscellaneous things
  • Containers specifically designed for cars

Okay, containers are cool and all but that is just way too many containers to take under consideration in one day.

The Phenomenon of Size (Mis)perception

It seems that I have a horrible memory as far as size goes. I tend to remember things being bigger than they really are.

Okay, that just sounds wrong. Get your snickers out, I’ll wait.

*Ahem.* Moving on. 

So we’re arranging little hampers and boxes and containers all around on the floor of the Container Store to see what we think would fit in the trunk of the car. I have a hatchback, so that’s convenient for height.

We sat there looking, hemming and hawing, and I kept insisting we’d be able to fit more in the car. Rachel was skeptical.

As you’re about to see… she was right to be.

(Keep in mind as you look at these pictures that I was convinced we could not only fit what we bought in the trunk… but would have been able to stack three high and also have the chance of fitting a violin case behind it all.)

Not Pictured: Room for a violin case or ANYTHING ELSE.

…as you can see, no room.

Although, it’s a pretty awesome perfect fit.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty interested to see how this turns out as far as the whole “fitting all our stuff in here” goes (minor details really), so I’ll definitely be posting more pictures once we’re making progress on the packing!

Over and out.


P.S. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! We’re leaving in only A WEEK!

P.P.S. And on that note our destinations for the first month include: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas… if you or anyone you know in those areas would like to host us, let us know. :)


4 Responses to This car is ready to trip out!

  1. Cheri Allen says:

    We would host you in N. Utah :)

  2. Sarah H. says:

    I’d be happy to host you in Houston! Good luck with the trip.

    • Anne says:

      We may be emailing you when we get there! I’m sure we need a place, and Houston is on our “to visit” map!