The Phantom Seat Belt

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So this is it! We’ve set out on our adventure – no turning back. I’m looking forward to visiting with all the people we’re planning to meet up with and nervous about all the meals I won’t be cooking in my kitchen at home.

Anne & I seem to be prepared for just about anything with our five pillows, rolls of tape, mummy sleeping bag, wasp spray, and more. There’s just one thing I didn’t see coming.

While we’ve been on the road for less than 48 hours, I’ve developed this strange . . . condition. I seemed to have acquired what I will call, “the phantom seat belt.”

You know you have “the phantom seat belt” when although you are no longer in a car, or any other location where seat belts might be present, your body seems to be wearing one. This close relative of “the ghost-like laser tag vest” is invisible and disappears within 24 hours for most of it’s victims. When plagued with “the phantom seat belt” you often have the urge to unbuckle yourself when you stand up and feel an unreasonable level of constriction.

This “phantom seat belt” seems to be coming and going for me so far, so we’ll see what happens in the days ahead (please encourage it to do more of the going if you happen to see it).


This is Rachel keeping you posted on the whereabouts of this mysterious phantom . . . and any other surprises that may arise!


2 Responses to The Phantom Seat Belt

  1. Laura says:

    Sounds fun Rachel! I’ve had phantom issues too- for quite a long time after getting lasik, I kept feeling phantom glasses on my face :) Good luck!

  2. Rachel says:

    Haha, I’ve heard stories from Joy and Andrew about those :P And thanks!