California Adventures

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This first leg of our trip was full of delicious food and good company! Although the initial hour and a half drive to Anaheim wasn’t quite as epic as all road trip beginnings turn out to be, it was a nice way for us to break in our road legs.

A Razzleberry Day

In Anaheim we met up with Anne’s grandparents to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday at the oh-so-delicious Marie Callender’s. After some delicious fried green beans and a knife & fork chili burger, we all shared a piece of razzleberry pie with cream. For all of you who are not pie connoisseurs, razzleberry is a pie made with raspberries and blackberries.

“Razzleberry pie?” you ask. “Rachel! It’s not good to lie about pie.”

And in response I would have to say, “Oh no! It’s real and it’s DELICIOUS.”

But honestly, try it.

The Pasadena Part

The second half of our day took place in Pasadena – a.k.a. the city of my future home. And also, the home of my Aunt Christi and Uncle James. Here, we went to a Whisperings piano concert, and later tasted some out-of-this-world margaritas and mexican food.

When we woke up in the morning and went to church, we discovered our trip began with another new beginning – the Chinese New Year! Anne & I were especially excited to receive gifts in some very special red envelopes for the occasion. Check it out!

Shout out to all of the gracious and hilarious members of South Pasadena United Methodist Church & their neighboring Chinese church!

It’s Poker Time

Next, we headed out for another quick drive to see Anne’s cousins Gloria & Erin in Moreno Valley where we had another adventure learning the ways of poker. Night Baseball anyone?

Now we’re not so skilled yet, so if anyone has some poker tips (or a cheat sheet of good card hands, haha) we’d love to hear ’em! Then who knows? Maybe we can try our hands at the tables in Vegas when we get out there…

Until next time.



4 Responses to California Adventures

  1. Laura says:

    Love the pictures! Keep posting!! :)

  2. Katrina says:

    I came across your trip via BudgetsAreSexy, and in my opinion you’re both so brave for doing this. I hope you two have a blast!