Trax Trippin

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Today was a day of tourism and train rides.

We walked about a mile to the Trax (Utah’s fancy train system) and piled on the layers before heading out to face the cold, our memories of pansy San Diego winters in mind.

Nope. Try again.

We strolled back to the house – more layers. NOW we’re ready to brave the cold!

Nope. Still cold.

This time we headed to the car for reinforcements. Sweaters. Hats. Gloves. YES!

Still cold. But…in order to avoid being mistaken for colorful snowmen, we continued on our way.

The Sites

After a rather windy walk, we arrived at the Trax and made our way to the Courthouse stop. Now, we thought maybe there would be one nice courthouse at this stop to check out but, there’s basically one on every corner. Overkill? Or convenience?

West Jordan & Salt Lake City

West Jordan & Salt Lake City

Our next stop was over at Temple Square. Even though we couldn’t actually go inside the temple, we thought it was kinda cool that they had some mini models of the rooms inside. And of course, touch screen tours.

West Jordan & Salt Lake City

(Next is the part where the transit police harass us.)

The Harassment

After switching trains, Anne and I politely rode the train to our next stop. Things like trains and snow still amuse us at this point in life, so we sat in our seats taking touristy-pictures.

West Jordan & Salt Lake City

Someone noticed.

The transit policemen were making rounds at this time, checking to make sure everyone had their passes and all. (We did, so don’t fret.)

Eventually, one of the guys makes his way over to us as well and asks to see our passes. Anne hands over hers. Just fine. I hand over mine. Not fine.

“Where did you get this pass m’am?”

“Um, at, uh…a stop earlier…Bingham? Probably?” Don’t tell me you never get nervous around cops…

“This doesn’t look right. This one’s different,” he says. “Can I see yours again?” he asks Anne. “Yeah, uh, these aren’t the same passes…hmm.”

The butterflies in my belly start up.

“Ahah, I’m just messing with you! You guys look like tourists, taking pictures riding the train.”


And then he and Anne joked about tasering me, and how that would be great for our blog and maybe they’d become big YouTube hits if they filmed it. Mhm.

The Delicious

After that scare, we stopped at Historic Gardner – a very cutesy part of town.

Here we found a small bakery where we tried the BEST bagels I have had in a long time. Big bagels covered in parmesan – mmm. If you’re ever in the area, Naborhood Bakery is the place to be.

Speaking of deliciousness…to top off our day of tourism, we were treated to dinner (again!) by Anne’s new step-Aunt and Uncle. Despite a long wait and a clumsy (let’s just say there was more than one broken plate that night), but awesome waiter, Chili’s never disappoints and we got some free chips and salsa to go along with our meals. It was indeed a nice way to end our stay with the Jackson’s in Utah. :)

Until next time.



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  1. Laura says:

    Fun post! I’m ready for more now….. ! I hope you are having fun :D

  2. Julie says:

    You all are taking some great photos!…and love reading about your adventure–train; funny!

    • Anne says:

      I just want to make sure you know most of the photography is Rachel’s work! She’s pretty proud of it :)

  3. Rachel says:

    Haha, thanks! Anne & I have a hard time not taking pictures every second since everything is so pretty :) I think if the camera were secured onto my forehead I would be though :P And it it were connected to my phone you’d be getting lots of pictures of snow I’m sure, haha.

  4. Rachel says:

    if it were*