Burglars & Bison

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If you’ve ever had the privilege of visiting Utah in the winter, you know what people mean when they use the phrase “winter wonderland.” From the snow-capped mountains, to the glittering snow, its just a fairy tale in the making.

And if you can’t picture all that in your head, and maybe if you can, prepare yourself. THIS is our view:

“But where can someone like me find such a view as this?” you ask.

“At Cheri’s house of course!” I reply. “And that’s not the best part…

If this breathtaking scene isn’t enough to incite visions of sugar plums prancing about in your head, the inside of Cheri’s house sure will. One step into her kitchen and Anne and I were transported to some scene from Hansel and Gretel (just not that whole part about cannibalism). ;) Check it out!






We’re Just Visiting

After a great first day at Cheri’s place, we headed out to Antelope Island to see the Great Salt Lake. As we drove along the causeway to the island, the icy lake beside us, our noses soon discovered they were also at the lake. That lake could sure kick up a smell!

Salt Lake & Antelope Island

Our first stop was the visitor’s center.

The people of the lake made sure to point out to us that this lake did in fact contain some exciting stuff! Ohhh no it was anything so superficial as fish though. THIS LAKE had brine shrimp. And if that isn’t enough for you, guess what else? Wait for it… Algae! (Please try and contain your excitement.)

Salt Lake & Antelope Island

After we’d learned all we could from the visitor’s center, we headed out to a much-recommended ranch at the end of the island.

Ranches are Cool

That’s when we saw THEM.
Salt Lake & Antelope Island
Can YOU see the antelope?

Salt Lake & Antelope Island
Salt Lake & Antelope Island
Salt Lake & Antelope Island
“Wow! There are so many rocks!”

“No, no, silly site visitor. Those are bison.”

Anyways, we were driving to Fielding Garr Ranch and found some pretty cool stuff once we arrived.

Salt Lake & Antelope Island
Salt Lake & Antelope Island
Salt Lake & Antelope Island

It was a fun day indeed. Just watch out for burglars!

Salt Lake & Antelope Island

Until next time.



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