1,400 Miles from Home

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Life is crazy. Here I am, sitting at a Starbucks in Kansas, miles away from home on the biggest adventure of my life.

And then the delivery guy shows up and starts stacking up all these boxes around me for the store…and I suddenly start missing Subway.

I’m missing Subway now? For months I stood at work cleaning dishes and making sandwiches – wishing I could be doing something else, even if it were only slightly more meaningful. And now that I’ve left my job I sit here daydreaming about the fast food industry?

Change is different for everyone. For me, I guess it means not giving in to the slight panic attack in my head telling me that I can’t possibly survive on this road trip, that I’m not cut out to be a writer, and that my old job was just like, the best thing ever.

No, I won’t give in. Although I must say, it’s a little harder to go back on something that’s taken me about 1,400 miles away from home.

It Snowed and it Snowed

The biggest change we’ve experienced by going on this trip has been the weather. Yes, there have been some very different people, places and things, but OH MAN, the weather.

In February of 1912, Denver’s snowfall record reached 14.1 inches. 100 years later, while Anne & I were in Denver for probably the longest time in our lives, it snowed 15.9 inches, breaking the record.

Denver must be messing with us.

SO MUCH SNOW in Colorado

Sightseeing, of course, was put on hold for a few days while our car took some time off to hibernate.

SO MUCH SNOW in Colorado

Denver, Dining and a Dog

We did get to meet some pretty cool people in Denver named Amy Beth and Adam though. Thankfully for us, they didn’t kick us out into the snow and let us eat their food after our outing to the donut shop turned out to be colder than we had hoped.

SO MUCH SNOW in Colorado

On our first night in Denver, they took us out to dinner at this great British restaurant/brewery called Pints Pub that had “the world’s largest single malt selection outside of Britain.” Ooo…unfortunately we’re not so enthusiastic about the single malts but it was fun to see!

The next few days were spent mainly sleeping, playing with their dog Sophia, and watching How I Met Your Mother. Maybe I should be re-titling this, “Relaxation in Denver”.

Our last night in Denver our new friends took us out AGAIN to this restaurant called White Fence Farm where the nicest waiter you will ever meet helped us out.

And just like any good kid who comes to White Fence Farm, we got to make a stop at the treasure box!


And this was only the start of our adventures in Colorado…

Until next time.



11 Responses to 1,400 Miles from Home

  1. matt says:

    Not sure which of you did the writing but its well done and fun to read. Also I hope you enjoy your night out here in KS. Make sure to stop by Starbucks in the morning and tell us all about it. :D

  2. Krista says:

    Lucky you were in Denver “proper”. I’m a few miles north west in Broomfield and got 18 inches! (I’m from Florida so this was the biggest snowfall I’ve seen). Glad you had fun and were able to go out.

    • Rachel says:

      HOLY COW! Did you have to leave the house? We were happy we didn’t really have anywhere to be and could be hermits for a bit, haha.

      • Krista says:

        Nope. Thankfully my job (in Boulder) closed for the day! I stayed inside except for the time I went out and helped my husband shovel the driveway so he could go to work!

  3. Amy Beth says:

    Sofia is going to be famous now! We loved having you and will continue to keep up with your blog.

  4. Adele Buffington says:

    What a great photo of Adam & Amy Beth & Sofia! I’m so glad that worked out! And I’m jealous of the cool places they took you! They only took us to White Fence Farm, which was awesome, but not to the Pints Pub! What’s up with that?!? ;) Maybe next time…

    • Rachel says:

      They just like us better I guess ;)

      …just kidding! THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting us in touch with them. :)