Extra-Large Checkers

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Oh, Loveland. The land of love. A lovely land. Landing in the midst of love. 

This is a little post on our short stay in the town of Loveland…and just in time for Valentine’s Day! (Although I am disappointed to say I have found a shockingly awful lot of St. Patrick’s Day decorations strewn about in stores.)

I Love Free Stuff

First stop, antique shops! Okay, we only stopped at one because the other ones were closed on Sundays, but we would have looked for more except that Anne has a not-very-well-concealed dislike of shopping.

“We’ll just look real fast! It’s so fun!” says me.

“Hm,” is all she usually says. I think she might have a silent love of shopping.

Anyway, we found this great antique shop that contained the cutest antique store attendant. She talked to us about our travels, grandchildren, and then gave me a free postcard (coming soon to my lucky brother in San Diego).

After the antique store, we moved on to more Loveland-centric activities, like statue parks.

Making Love to Statues

The greatest thing about statues is that they always look great in pictures. Plus, they never criticize how you decide to smile, not smile, or pretend to kiss them.


While it was a cold walk, we took a stroll through Chapungu Sculpture Park where we saw the most oddly named statue titled, “I Know You Have Stolen My Eggs!”


Our best guess is that this is a thieving penguin. If you have any more realistic ideas, or actually know what this statue is supposed to be, please share below!

You can find some more pictures of us messing with statues here.

Love at First Taste

We’ve heard a lot of hype about Cracker Barrel during our travels and decided it was finally time to confirm the rumors in Loveland.

First of all, before we even tasted the food, the lemonade there blew us away. Anne had the raspberry and I had the original. YUM.

Second of all, they serve breakfast all day. Enough said.

Third of all, they have a gift shop in front of their restaurant. While some of you may see this as a ploy to purchase useless items you may not actually need, it is actually a great relaxation spot if you ever feel the need to play a game of extra-large checkers…



…or pose with cute stuffed animals…


…or laugh maniacally…



…we did.

For now, we’ve got to get going and pick up our car from it’s first oil change on the road!

Until next time.



2 Responses to Extra-Large Checkers

  1. marilyn says:

    Cracker Barrel also (or at least used to) rent out books on tape..to fill those hours of driving with whiny kids in the car!

  2. Rachel says:

    Really?! I’ll have to check and see if they still do! That would be awesome for the long drives…as long as you can return it to a different one!

    Haha, whiny kids!? Don’t you mean amazing and perfect kids?? ;)