When Fright Meets Flight

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Private conversation with Oklahoma: “Listen, it’s not you or anything…I just…I know we’re in Oklahoma now and all, but I’d really like to write about Colorado some more. Yeah.”

Colorado Snow

The second half of our Colorado journey was spent in a town just outside of Denver called Evergreen. And apparently, while we sat in Denver hiding from the snow all those days it was also snowing in Evergreen….A LOT.

Fortunately, our companions Mark and LaDari are highly skilled in this type of thing and could predict whether or not our little Ford Focus could make it up a steep mountain hill without careening over the edge. They probably saved our lives by giving us a ride up the hill.

Yes, our car was in hibernation once again.

This Lake Was Made for Walking

Before they took us out snowmobiling, I think Mark and LaDari thought they should test out our coordination and snow tolerance levels first, so they had us try something more similar to walking – snow shoeing. (Note: I’m not sure if they came to any any real conclusion since I did fall over, but they were gracious enough to still take us snowmobiling later.)

Evergreen, Colorado

We might have hiked longer had it not been for the fact that straps are an essential part of shoe wear, at least when it comes to snowshoeing, and Mark and LaDari might as well have not had any on their shoes.

Being the gracious guests they are, though, they hopped back in the car to monitor us from the side of the road while we forged up the mountain with their only workable pairs of snowshoes. After more trees and rocks than we initially hoped for, we switched to the lake side of the road. Yeah, it’s tough to snow shoe over those babies.

Wait, did we say the lake? Yeah. Apparently in cold places, people can walk on lakes in the winter.

I can’t stay I’m still not a skeptic, and the last thing you will find me doing is setting up my ice fishing tent, but I walked on a lake.

Evergreen, Colorado

Check us out, forging our path on that lake. Fearless…generally speaking.

Moonlight Snowmobiling

On our last full day in Evergreen, we went on a crazy snowmobiling adventure.

Evergreen, Colorado

Evergreen, Colorado

Now, Anne and I had never been snowmobiling before this trip so we really weren’t sure what to expect. And I’d never even heard of snowmobiling so I really didn’t know what to expect.

Snowmobiling was like smashing the words exhilarating and terrifying into a machine, and then flying on that machine in the middle of night in three degree weather.

It was by far the most adventurous activity of our trip – although sleeping in the car is a close second.

Evergreen, Colorado

Evergreen, Colorado

Toward the end of our snowmobiling ride, right around when we were all feeling pretty frozen, we stopped to eat at this place called Mango’s and played this great dice game called Farkel.

After we were all warmed up again and full from the dinner treated to us by Mark and LaDari, we jumped back on our snow machines and headed out. This time though, it was dark.

At first, I felt a little like Snow White at that part in the movie where she sees all those eyes peering at her through the tree branches and passes out. After a few minutes of mental recovery though, everything looked beautiful. And although I can’t say my mind was entirely free of daydreams where bears would leap onto the back of the snowmobile and eat me, it was so much fun.

Colorado is the best.

Evergreen, Colorado

On another note entirely: Did you know the part of Oklahoma we’re staying in has absolutely no Starbucks? No Starbucks means no WiFi. Turns out Subway is a far more popular chain, something I might never have known had I not left the sunny suburbia of San Diego where there are not one, but four Starbucks within a mile of my home. Now that’s coffee convenience.

Fortunately, there’s always McDonald’s – I knew I placed my childhood in some reliable hands.

Until next time.



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