There’s No Place Like Kansas

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Although I can’t say Kansas has the best scenery of the states, we did see a lot of cows. Not that cows are especially exotic or anything, but we’re playing a cow counting game and let me be the first to tell you, cow games in Kansas get serious.

We probably doubled our overall points during our drive through the sunflower state, bringing us to about 120 cow sightings, give or take. I can’t even imagine what our numbers would be had we counted cows individually – that’s a lot of beef.

I would highly suggest playing this game the next time you drive through Kansas. Otherwise, you might as well just fall asleep now.

Making Friends

We loved our host, Kat, in Wichita. She educated us on the do’s and don’ts of making apple sauce, made us fresh bread and hot chocolate, and introduced us to her two friends (she’s new to the area, like us).

With met up with one of her friends for a little taste of Kansas our second night in the city. She took us to the Donut Whole – this eclectic coffee shop type place with a rooster hovering atop the building and random facts lying on the tables.

It’s a little known secret that all of the most creative donuts exist at the Donut Whole (at least it seemed that way to me). Some have cereal, some have syrup, and some have crispy bacon. Mine had sprinkles and was called Rainbow in the Dark. YUM.

But certainly we did things before eating pastries right? Yes, like stereotypical girls, we shopped.

Wichita Wonders

Antique store shopping is the best. Well, not so much for Anne, who tends to speed shop, and maybe not better than eating pastries, but still quite decent. And since it is quite decent, that is what we did after we spent an unnamable amount of hours at a Starbucks the morning after we got to Kansas.

Here’s a nice little picture tour of our stops, in case you see something you like…

…like cute baby corn…

Wichita, Kansas

…or pirate hats…

Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas

…or toilet tattoos. Toilet tattoos? Yes. They are now a requirement for “cool toilets”.

Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas

Unfortunately, this memory bottle with authentic teeth is not for sale.

Wichita, Kansas

We were a little sad to leave Kansas and our new friends, but thankfully, Dorothy and Dilbert in Oklahoma cheered us right up. Anyone else up for a game of dominoes?

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  1. Hey girls, Michael and Albert here from Auntie Mae’s in Wichita. We were so excited to read your article and just wanted to let you know about our new shop. We have moved to 9125 W. Central and added a full service restaurant with good old down home cookin. Hope to see you again. Or visit the new web page at www.