A Glitch in the Time Zones

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We’ve been gone just over a month now and I’m already home sick. No really, I am. Remember that movie, Home Alone? I’m like the indie remake of that movie that actually shows how kids feel when their parents have abandoned them alone in a house. Except I guess, I’ve abandoned my parents?

Now, all of you computer-savvy individuals may say, “Rachel, please. It’s the 21st century. You have email, Skype, texting and phone calls. How are you missing home already!?”

Actually, computer-savvy people, communication is hard. And this whole time zone thing isn’t helping me one bit…texting people at seven in the morning is a good way to get slapped, or in my case, get replies with angry emoticon faces.


Texting has probably been my biggest communication tool thus far. It’s easy, fast, and really, any time is texting time.

The only thing with texting is, since it’s not a face-to-face or voice-to-voice thing, it’s really easy to drop a conversation. Maybe one of you has to work, maybe school is in session, or maybe one of you did too many jumping jacks that day and passed out. Whatever it may be, it makes texting one of those forms of communication better suited for the casual “hello.”

Plus, don’t your fingers ever hurt from texting so much? Mine do, and because of that I typically avoid really wordy or serious topics. And those screen are just too tiny for novel reading!


“Well, what about phone calls?” you ask. (This is where that time zone thing most comes in to play.)

I know it’s only ever been a couple of hours difference in time zones, but you’d be surprised by how many people still manage to call me at midnight!

I do love phone calls, though.

Unfortunately, considering how busy most people are, appointments seem to be required for phone calls these days. Appointments aren’t really something I keep track of well though…especially on the road, where my daily schedule is about as planned as a teenager’s pregnancy.


Email is probably the most passive and least time-dependent form of communication I could use. I’ve just always sucked at it. I do think I’ve improved a bit as our trip has progressed (right Aunt Christi?), but it’s certainly not the best way to communicate with me if you’d like a fast response time.

Video Chatting…

Skype is probably the coolest invention since toaster ovens.

Unfortunately, the middle of a Starbucks (our usual WiFi spot) isn’t quite the best place to do it. I’ll just have to stick to pictures for now.

…and Mail.

I probably have a total of ten postcards sitting in my computer bag right now that I need to mail out. I’ll mail ’em tomorrow. I swear I will.

Ever since I was a little girl and my mom had me write thank you notes to all my guests, I’ve forgotten to actually mail my letters. I’ll write my thank you’s just fine, add all the little addresses on there, slap on a stamp…then the letters will sit in my drawer for months.

It’s silly. It doesn’t make sense. But that’s what usually ends up happening.

And that’s why I was born into the world of Facebook and cell phones. I’m just not built for this Lewis and Clark stuff.

But like they say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

Until next time.



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  1. marilyn says:

    So THATS what happened to my thank you card for the magnificent birthday present we got you when you were 13??