Generally Long Hair’s Last Stand

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The trip wasn’t going to make a lot of sense. I smoothed my silky hair with my hand as I leaned against the railing near the stairs.

“You mean to tell me we’re going to pass Austin on our way to San Antonio, and then go back to Austin?” I asked with an air of disdain, and my smokey voice filled the room – much like the aroma that brings customers in the bakery shop from a half mile away.

“Yes,” Rachel replied. “This is how it should be.” This broad was always pushing for her way, even when it didn’t make sense.

Okay, fine. I can’t keep the facade going anymore.

I know you all know me better than that. The whole “going to San Antonio first” thing was my idea… mostly just because it made sense with timing, not with driving. Rachel is pretty easy going.

(Side note: Planning things with Rachel has actually been really awesome – choosing where to go next hasn’t ever been an issue so far.)

San Antonio, Texas!

Who could argue with this face, anyways?

San Antonio: Home of Presidents!

…yeah, not what you’re thinking.

We drove down through really angry, angry rain on the way down to San Antonio. This rain was out for vengeance. It had heard about me and its mom, I think and it really wasn’t happy.

Uh… My humor is just all over the place today, so I hope you can pardon my ridiculousness.

Let’s rewind back to when I was a baby. I was born in Maryland while my dad was in the Navy. Since I was an infant then, I don’t remember any of it, but my parents were adults and had a circle of friends.

One of the couples from that circle now lives in San Antonio, and I got to meet them and sleep in their house for the weekend. Hm, that sounds way creepier than I thought it would, sorry.

The suck is that we forgot to get a good picture of us with them… but we have pictures of their backs!

San Antonio, Texas!

Justin Timberlake would have something to say about this, I think.

So… that said, thank you to Theresa and Jeff for welcoming us into their home and pointing us to all the fun things to do in San Antonio, as well as taking us out for a great Tex Mex dinner :)

About those Presidents.

First night, we get into our new place of lodging. Theresa and Jeff welcomed us inside, fed us, and then… introduced us to some Presidents.

Oh, who, who was it?! Well my friends… 

I hate to let you down, but it was Presidents the card game. We certainly weren’t let down… it was a hilariously frustrating but very fun game! Mom – I’m sure you’d love to watch me play.

Typical Tourism: The Alamo

One of the biggest reasons we wanted to visit San Antonio was to make a trip out to the Alamo. Thankfully, most people warned us that the sheer size and such was very underwhelming, so we didn’t have really high expectations when we got there.

Which allowed us to appreciate it more, I think. It is still beautiful, and a very somber place full of insane history.

San Antonio, Texas!

San Antonio, Texas!

I definitely recommend a trip if and when you ever get to Texas. It isn’t the sort of place you’d visit over and over again, but it will give you a close-up look of what our country has gone through to become what it is today.

More Typical Tourism: The River Walk

There’s this incredible area of San Antonio called the River Walk. It is a combination of natural and manmade river to control the flooding in the city.

San Antonio, Texas!

Also: Fun to pose next to.

We not only walked around to take in the sights, but we took a river tour which was insane fun if only because we got to be on a boat. Boats are awesome.

No, seriously. Boats are awesome.

San Antonio, Texas!

Rachel, thinking "I'M ON A BOAT!"

Here’s some pictures from the tour, if you’re so inclined:

San Antonio, Texas!

San Antonio, Texas!

San Antonio, Texas!

…and I realize that it’s probably not that interesting if you weren’t there, so we’ll leave the pictures at that.

Atypical Tourism: Hanging with the Aussies

Remember how we’ve mentioned our new Australian friends, Taryn and Hope?

Yeah, well, we met them in San Antonio for dinner at Dick’s Last Resort. I’m pretty consistent with my stories.

San Antonio, Texas!

Taryn and I both trying way too hard to smile.

San Antonio, Texas!

Hope and Rachel just looking adorable.

For those of you who don’t know, DLR is an institution that prides itself on rude waiters and strange experiences, all in the name of fun.

Let’s take a quick review of the night:

  • Strange Drunk People Sitting Next To Us (a.k.a. SDPSNTU): Check.
  • Hilariously Rude Waiters Running Around Yelling: Check.
  • A Waiter Who Hope Thinks Is Cute And Poses In Pictures: Check.
  • Really Awful Cheerleaders Trying To Do A Routine Onstage: Check.
  • SDPSNTU Sitting On Taryn’s Leg: Check.
  • SDPSNTU Trying To Leave Without Paying: Check.
  • Free Peanut Butter Pie Because It Took Too Long: Check.

Yep. Sounds like a good one to us!

San Antonio, Texas!

Hope also accidentally talked about how cute this guy was while he was in earshot.

San Antonio, Texas!

We won't discuss whether Rachel was trippin' on something.

I bet Hope is probably just hoping that the waiter never reads our blog.

Texas BBQ: even good at gas stops.

Beef brisket.

Texas toast.

Creamed corn.

Excuse my blatant internet meme references. If you’d like to learn more, just email me at


Anyways. Seriously, good stuff. This was at Ruby’s Country Store & BBQ.

San Antonio, Texas!

I'm like "RawrnomnomnomOMNOMNOM!"

San Antonio, Texas!

Rachel is a little less barbaric, so hers is more of a polite "Om nom nom"

San Antonio, Texas!

The world can be yours, if you want it to be.

…and that’s what you missed, at Rudy’s.

Another thanks to Theresa and Jeff, who gave us a coupon for a free 2 person meal there.

There’s a snake in my boot!

Also, in San Antonio, are rodeos.

We went to the SA Livestock & Rodeo. For those of you back in San Diego, that’s like the Del Mar Fair plus the Poway Rodeo with about 3 or 4 times the number of people – except with way better traffic control.

One of my personal favorites was the Swifty Swine Sprints.

San Antonio, Texas!


San Antonio, Texas!

That is a swimming pig that will probably go into the Guinness Book of World Records one day.

The Wine Garden was fun, and some lady kept not liking her samples and gave them all to me.

So that was fun.

San Antonio, Texas!

I wasn't posing at all for this.

San Antonio, Texas!

Rachel wasn't posing either. She just kept walking around this way.

There was also the actual rodeo later that night (which we almost missed because we were sucked into watching one of those pots & pans cooking demonstrations in hopes of getting free food) which was quite awesome.

Unfortunately we were pretty far back so our pictures aren’t like, super awesome or anything. (But you can always check out the Flickr page for all the photos.)

Yep. That was San Antonio.

Over and out.



2 Responses to Generally Long Hair’s Last Stand

  1. Cheri Allen says:

    Sounds like fun!! I really enjoyed San Antonio, and we probably ate at that same Rudy’s. :) I”m glad you saw the Alamo. Those men were so brave. There’s a church there (nearby) with a small granite box full of their bones :( Did you notice the line that was drawn on the ground out in front? The leader (forgot name) said anyone who wants to leave can cross the line. The only one who did was a Frenchman. That always cracks my husband up. (I bet your dad would like that too–you know, the French…)Anyway, I’m so happy to hear of your travels. Don’t forget to see the amazing older homes in these areas. At least I always enjoy that. Hehe Take care girls!! Cheri

    • Rachel says:

      Oh fun! :) I especially loved the cream corn. Yeah, we did see that line. We also saw a plaque near by it that claimed to be the spot Davy Crocket died. And we are loving all the old homes! Especially near the gulf of Mexico in Galveston and New Orleans :) Great to hear from you!! :D Hope all is well! – Rachel