All About Austin: Part One

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I’m not sure which city they thought they were talking about when they called it, “The City That Never Sleeps,” but they should have been talking about Austin.

When we arrived on a Tuesday, things were going on! So it may have been Fat Tuesday, but still… And when we headed out to 6th street on Wednesday night, things were really going on. In fact, things were going on so much that we were the uncool ones for being out before 11pm.

For quite a few days we worried about where we’d be staying when we got to Austin. We’d planned to stay six nights in the city, and so far everyone we’d messaged on Couchsurfing had declined our request to stay those first three nights. Ouch.

But wait, remember Taryn and Hope, those Australian girls we met up with in Dallas?

More Fun in Austin!

They saved us with a Travelodge where we spent three, reasonably priced nights. And that’s where our Austin adventure began.

Fat Tuesday’s Reign

On that first Tuesday night I mentioned, we met up with Anne’s Nerdfitness friend Page, at a bar called Weirdo’s.

Austin Nightlife

Austin Nightlife

At first, it seemed like a pretty awesome bar with lots of excitement, volleyball and crawfish. Heck, even the music was upbeat.

Thirty minutes later though, after we still hadn’t been served, our toes were getting numb, and the music continued to be strenuously “upbeat,” we liked Weirdo’s a whole lot less.

Eventually, Anne was able to rein in a waitress to take our order and Weirdo’s was awesome again. The bar took another downward turn though when our drinks and food took extraordinarily long to arrive and the strenuous, upbeat music turned into strenuous, upbeat, killer clown music.

But hey, at least the burgers were good when they finally did arrive!

Take Two

The next night we headed out again, but this time to 6th street where the parking is equally as free as it is horrendous. Hail to the bus system!

We started out at the piano bar and the night progressed from there.

Austin Nightlife

Austin Nightlife

Austin Nightlife

We met some cool doormen.

Austin Nightlife

Austin Nightlife


Austin Nightlife

We even got free champagne.

Austin Nightlife

Austin Nightlife

And my pair of sandals finally broke…sigh.

But the night wasn’t over yet.

Sock Monkey Head

It all started with Hope.

She had to pee. And where would this be an issue in Austin?

We had ventured over to 4th Street, expecting it to be awesome and much more hipster than the dirty ol’ 6th we’d heard all about. But since we didn’t know Austin very well yet, we didn’t realize we were on the very empty end of 4th – one without open stores or bathrooms.

So naturally we kept wandering, certain we would find something. Eventually we did.

And what we found was a little bar with butterflies on the outside, fog, and bathrooms with no doors, or as Hope would call it, “overly liberal toilet etiquette.”

We did not stay, but we did find sock monkey head – another doorman.

And with his sock monkey hat of wisdom he led us back to the questionable safety of 6th street and into another very foggy and dull bar painted silver and blue.

See how silvery and dull it is?

Austin Nightlife

It may not be as dull in this picture.

Austin Nightlife

I think Austin may be my new favorite city (no offense San Diego).

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