All About Austin: Part Two (Zombie Time!)

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So Austin again huh? You’ll have to give me a moment to refresh my memory.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this trip, it’s that blogging should be done sooner rather than later. I mean, if I can’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, who’s to say I won’t forget about what I did Thursday night, or even, what state I was in last week (one of the united states, that is)?

But I guess that’s what credit card statements are for…so let’s just begin.

Oops! Did I do that to the Laundry?

Thursday morning we all realized we had little to no clean clothes left to wear. Laundry day!

Cutting things close, we left ourselves just enough time for our clothes to dry and us to race back to the Travelodge for the big zombie event that night.


“Oh, be patient or I’ll eat your brain.”

Like I was saying, we left ourselves exactly no room for error. And unfortunately, Anne and I aren’t huge laundry buffs. I’m the person that starts their laundry, puts it in the dryer, then comes back for it a few days later. And Anne is the, ThrowItAllInThereAndHopeNothingGetsStainedOrTornApart kind of a person.

This unfortunate laundry-style combo resulted in us piling our laundry into a washer far too small for everything we shoved inside of it. But it wasn’t immovable or anything so we figured things were good.

When we opened up the dryer after our Little Caesar’s Pizza binge with Taryn and Hope though, we found dry clothes at the bottom of the washer, and soap clumps at the top.

Under normal circumstances, those babies would be washed again. But like I said, no time.

Under the sink water the soap clump clothes went, and into the dryer the very wet clothes spun!

And after more than one disapproving look and quite a few threats about how soapy clothes stain, our laundry was dry and the four of us left that shameful laundromat experience behind.

Livin’ the Zombie Life

As soon as we arrived back at the hotel, our mad zombie rush began. You see, Austin was having a Zombie race that night, and Anne and I had signed up to be zombies.

We’d bought some liquid latex, fake blood, and thrift store zombie attire the day before and our realistic costume change was up against the Austin bus schedule. Creeping people out on the bus is way more fun than doing from the car window.

More Fun in Austin!

We think it turned out pretty good.

More Fun in Austin!

After what will likely be one of the best bus rides of my life, we arrived at our zombie run destination. There we met up with a Couch Surfer who had told us about the event, plus made new friends!

We turned out to be the quirky group.

One member of our group in particular was especially out of control – ever seen a drunken zombie tackle someone to the ground? I have.

Check out our professional zombie photos:

Photo By: J. Dennis Thomas

Photo By: J. Dennis Thomas

Chicken & Ice Cream (Separate but Equal)

Friday was our last day of adventuring with our amazing Aussie friends.

More Fun in Austin!

Our first stop? Pluckers – a fantastic restaurant with lemonade-filled mason jars and more chicken flavors than one person could want. Why, oh why, have they not left Texas?

More Austin Pictures

More Austin Pictures

More Austin Pictures

If we weren’t stuffed enough after those wings, chips and heaps of lemonade, we threw in Amy’s Ice Cream just in case. And boy was it worth it!

Ever since we had arrived in Austin, Amy’s Ice Cream had been the #1 recommendation. Similar to Cold Stone and other, mix-in-your-all-your-favorites ice cream places, Amy’s Ice Cream was amazing. Another Austin favorite!

More Fun in Austin!

Last stop of the day before we parted with Taryn and Hope was a fancy restaurant with half-price drink sales going on. We sure got our money’s worth here too because those drinks were strong!

More Fun in Austin!

And in a flash our Aussie friends were gone, tears were almost shed, and we were off to meet our new Couch Surfing host, Kati!

In other news, we’ve now hit 12 different states! :)

Until next time,



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