Houston Sucks Souls

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Hospitality seems to be the theme of this road trip.

Never did I expect to be welcomed with such enthusiasm by people who had never even met me or who had met either Anne or I in a distant past. These people had absolutely no incentive to host us, feed us, or show us around. And yet they did.

If I’ve learned anything so far on this trip, it’s that people can surprise you and you can miss out if you never take the time to introduce yourself…or find them on Couch Surfing.

Houston’s Rep

We felt a little threatened by Houston at first.

“Why are you going there?” people would ask us. “Houston sucks souls.”

Anne and I would just shrug, secretly thinking, “Houston, do your worst.”

The moment we got there though, it surprised us. Houston has been our shining star when it comes to hospitality. During our three-night stay in the city, we stayed with three completely different hosts – all of whom were pretty much unaware, even the day before, that we would be staying with them. Shout out to Sanjay, James and Dean!

NASA, We Have a Problem.

One thing we had completely forgotten about when we headed to Houston was NASA. Who can forget that? And with so many amazing feats of history accomplished there, we had to check it out.

A whopping $22 dollars later (plus $6 for parking) we had. Let me just tell you ladies and gentlemen, NASA is no Disneyland (and I haven’t been there yet, but I’m sure it is even farther away from what you would find at Disney World). I would not doubt that the NASA tour and it’s “interactive experience” haven’t been updated since man landed on the moon.



And personally, I was a little disappointed to find out that the best part of our tour…THIS BABY…


…was located in a public park. Ohhh NASA.

Back to the Beach

Playing in the sand at Gulf of Mexico in Galveston was just the break we needed. The wind in our hair, McDonald’s fries, no plans to meet up with anyone, it was just the rest we needed.



Now I know what you’re thinking…we need a vacation from our vacation? Yes, we do. Anne & I found this quote recently that seems to fit our road trip and bizarre need for boredom perfectly.

“Your true traveler finds boredom rather agreeable than painful. It is the symbol of his liberty-his excessive freedom. He accepts his boredom, when it comes, not merely philosophically, but almost with pleasure.” – Aldous Huxley

That it does Aldous, that it does.


Later that night, we headed out to our fourth coffee shop in Houston for some free WiFi. It was a Starbucks located in the center of a mall. We were the stars of the fishbowl experiment and it was awkward.

Shortly after, we headed out to meet our last host in Houston, Dean. We pulled into the hotel parking lot, pulled out our backpack and arranged things for a while.

“You must be Anne!” came a voice from the curb behind us.

We jumped, then turned around to find a man sitting creepily behind us watching. It was Dean. We were then mauled with hugs and the adventure began.

“I know this great place to get pie!” Dean told us.

Off we went in our little Ford Focus. We went toward the pie, past it, past it again, and then into the parking lot of Rite Aid. And since it was such an impossibly difficult pie place to find, we called to make sure they were still open. They weren’t.

Instead of a restaurant with delicious pie, we ended up at a mexican restaurant with delicious margaritas and chips (courtesy of Dean).  :)

When we finally arrived back at the hotel, we chatted for hours (and absolutely didn’t talk about the secret non-sexual agendas boys apparently don’t ever have).

The next day we were out of there, filled with just as much soul as the day we arrived.


Until next time,



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