Missin’ in Mississippi

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It feels like a year and a day ago that we were floating down the Mississippi river, into the great wild yonder.

Alright, so we didn’t actually go out on the Mississippi River, but it sure as hell felt like it from our viewpoint in our house on the bank. (That’s misleading: Obviously it wasn’t our house.)

Vicksburg, Mississippi

If that view didn’t just take your breath away, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

For the sake of brevity, and catching you up on our trip I’m going to try to keep our adventures in Mississippi brief and easy to digest.

Biloxi: Our first vacation from our vacation.

Goodbye Hope of NOLA! Onto Biloxi, where no one on CouchSurfing replied to us.

Hello Four Points by Sheraton, thanks for rescuing us using through SPG’s great travel rewards. (By the way, if you’d like to help us earn points and are interested in a great travel benefits card, email me and I’ll send you a referral email that earns us 5,000 points if you get one too – in other words, three $40 nights at hotels.)

We got a Gulf view, and didn’t see much of Biloxi because we were too involved enjoying the sweet, sweet amazingness, comfort and privacy of a hotel bed. You don’t realize how much you value privacy until you’re staying on people’s couches for months on end.

Vicksburg: More than we expected (and adorable puppies).

Goodbye Four Points, thank you for truly making us feel like special guests!

Hello, Carla of Vicksburg!

Vicksburg, Mississippi

I have to tell you – Carla went above and beyond for us while we were there. First of all, we got our own room (yay!) and second of all… when we got stuck with nowhere to be for 2 extra nights, she put us up until we got our situation figured out.

So… Huge, huge thanks and gratitude goes out to Carla. If you ever meet her, buy her a drink because she rocks.

Also, we got to meet her character filled Cocker Spaniel, Tuko (not sure on spelling, there).

Vicksburg, Mississippi

…and we were there when she got her oh my goodness brace yourself cute puppy.

Vicksburg, Mississippi


…so, yeah. Let’s review our itinerary in Mississippi.

The Retrospective Itinerary


Pulling up to the house:

“Wow. Is this really the house we’re staying at? OMG YES THIS IS IT.” High fives.

Meeting Carla:

“This chick is pretty neat. And she cooks crazy good food!”

Hanging out with Carla’s friends, Matt and Alex (male & female, respectively):

“Wow, Carla has some very fun friends.”

That first night we met all of the puppies. I held, snuggled, loved and played with every single one of them (I think there were 5).


Day two started out relatively uneventful. We worked on things at the local coffee shop, but not for too long.

We saw a little Coca Cola museum, but the lady inside was mean and it was more expensive than we were willing to pay for such a tiny exhibit.

That turned into a theme for the day.

Then we drove around looking for fun Vicksburg-y things, like Civil War museums… but they were all in the wrong ratio of “cost” to “worth seeing”.

Which leads us to… meeting up with Carla, Matt & Alex to go listen to some live music at Monsours At The Biscuit Co.

We went out to go see a place called Daiquiri World. Sadly, it turned out to be closed when we got there.


The day before it had been determined we had nowhere to be until Saturday, and Carla opened up her house to us for the next two nights.

Day three was another relatively uneventful day (except it lasted all day).

I think we did a bit of exercise, and a lot of regular work at the house. Then we made our way into the world for a Kroger run where I fell victim to a tub of Blue Bells Cookies & Cream ice cream.

We also got our first taste of Big Bang Theory while it was on in the background.


This was our last full day in Mississippi. We spent the morning working (we took advantage of Mississippi for working time, as you can see.)

That night, we were finally able to hang out with Carla, Matt & Alex… and also Ryan (Carla’s roommate) at Daiquiri World!

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Alex & Matt

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Ryan, Carla & Matt

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Shot Wheel of Terror & Me

…and there’s a little more on how Carla’s roommate helped us hook up with someone in Memphis, but I’ll leave that for the next post.

Over and out.



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