The Mansion & Its Inhabitants

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I’d be lying if I said Arkansas was my favorite state, but neither can I say I hated it. We stayed with Anne’s family friends in Little Rock, only a four hour drive from Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Two hours after we started we needed a break, so we stopped by a park to take pictures and a Walmart to relax and buy some much-needed car snacks (you know, for those strenuous couple-hour drives).

The park was beautiful.

Little Rock, Arkansas

This is what I look like in Troll form.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Walmart was basically average so we didn’t take pictures of that.┬áSomething notable to mention: Walmarts are like the Starbucks of the West. They have taken over and instead of just boycotting all four corners of an intersection like Starbucks, they just build a huge freaking Supercenter and claim half the city as their parking lot.

The Never-Ending Birthday

Our hosts, the Singleton’s, weren’t getting in until late so we waited things out at Starbucks (which is also where I happen to be right now). Around 11, we got the call to head on over.

“Is yours the crazy mansion?” Anne texted Amber Singleton.

She laughed. “Oh, I’ll show you the real mansions tomorrow!”

And boy, were they big.

The day of our arrival was also the day of Jonathan’s eighth birthday – the youngest of the Singleton’s. And even though he’d already had a birthday dinner that night, it was no surprise it continued for days more!

We met nearly every Singleton during the breakfast for dinner birthday feast we had Sunday night. And we tried grits for the first time!

Little Rock, Arkansas

Awesome-shaped pankcakes

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas

Amber decorating the (pan)cake for the birthday boy

The birthday celebration continued on a few days later when Jonathan’s friends all came over to celebrate. And just like the timeless quality of a breakfast for dinner feast, the sherbet cake that came along with this new celebration was nothing but enjoyable.

Little Rock, Arkansas

“My, aren’t these Singleton’s busy!” we thought. It’s almost like they have nine kids or something (they do).

That Dam Bridge

We hadn’t really known what to expect of Arkansas so we didn’t make plans before arriving. We talked with Amber about possible Little Rock activities and she directed us to an older hotel downtown and a big bridge nearby. After the three of us went on a long city drive, we knew a little more about what to expect in Little Rock and Anne & I managed not to get completely lost like we’ve been in other cities.

Half of our visit to the Capital Hotel was comprised of finding a parking spot. By itself the hotel might not have been entirely worth it, but we got free lemonade and that made things nicer.

The Capital Hotel, founded in 1873, has the most beautiful stained glass windows and architecture. You just can’t help but stare.

Walking inside, the both of us felt a little outclassed. It felt similar to the experience of walking into a designer store and being politely asked if you can be helped with anything while that same person simultaneously stares you down because you and your sweatpants clearly don’t have enough money to be there.

The bridge, appropriately called the Big Dam Bridge, took us clear across the Arkansas River and is the longest pedestrian bridge in the U.S.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas

We took more awesome pictures there!

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas

We also had our first taste of Mexican food in the South while we were in Little Rock. And maybe it wasn’t up to San Diego’s standards…but I just can’t help but like that white queso they have! Thanks for treating us Amber!

In other news…that tax due date sure is coming up soon isn’t it? Better get started.

Rock on fellow taxpayers!

Little Rock, Arkansas

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  1. Julie Morales says:

    nice article!

  2. Ben says:

    Any pictures of the mansions :)

    • Rachel says:

      We don’t! Isn’t that terrible? For their’s though, just picture a huge home with big parthenon-like columns in front. :P If I remember I’ll look on google maps and try to find one of the others though!

  3. Jenny Williams says:

    I see Awana plats!!!!

  4. Rachel says:

    Haha, yeah! And they’re plates from a San Diego Awana group no less!!!