You’re peachy keen when you’re not driving!

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My first thoughts entering Georgia were… well, I can’t really share them with you because there wasn’t a whole lot of nice words involved.

Yes, we’ve found a state that rivals Texas in the poor driving department.

(I’ve been warned there’s more to come.)

Other than the other drivers, it wasn’t a bad drive as far as road trips go, a little under four hours from Knoxville to Atlanta.

Ready to have your mind blown?

As soon as we crossed the border from Tennessee to Georgia, I’d started craving a certain onion I’d discovered shortly before we left San Diego. The name of the onion wouldn’t come to me so I finally texted home to figure it out. I learned they were called Vidalia Onions.

Now, I’m not usually of the onion eating persuasion, so with my sudden craving I decided to learn a bit more about my new desire. It started by Googling the very interesting health benefits onions offer. Then I started finding out specific information about Vidalia – and it turns out they’re only grown in Georgia.

To review: Cross the border. Specific craving. For food only available from that state. That I would normally never want.

Bam. Mind blown.

Saying hello to Kacy & Adam.

Atlanta, Georgia
We felt a little lost but finally managed to pull into the right neighborhood as the sun was beginning to go down.

A small group of women stood near the parking spaces, and Rachel recognized Kacy as we headed over. Shortly after parking, we all greeted each other and moved inside.

We learned that Adam was going to be available to hang out with us, which wasn’t usual for their schedule, but in the meantime we got to know each other. Kacy cooked us a delicious spaghetti dinner and introduced us to the interesting mixture of alfredo sauce with marinera.

Adam got home later in the evening and joined us for wine, TV and conversation in the living room for about an hour before we all started drifting off to our own beds.

That night we got to sleep in a beautiful bedroom on what had to be one of the most comfortable mattresses known to mankind.

Atlanta reintroduces Rachel to sushi.

Compared to a lot of sushi eaters, I’m still new to the game. I’ve enjoyed sushi for a few years now and I’m still stuck on the classics (give me that tuna roll and salmon, please!) — but Rachel mostly hasn’t been into it the way I have. She never craves┬áit.

The next day, after a trip to AutoZone for brake fluid and to check the engine light on the car (minor stuff, really, so don’t be alarmed) we met back up with Adam and Kacy for sushi.

It was my first experience with edamame. Oh, edamame. It turns out I love edamame.

There was a Tuesday special going on at their favorite sushi shop, and Adam usually was still at work, but not that week. So we all went. They’ve both spent a lot of time in Japan and guided Rachel to sushi choices she’d be most likely to enjoy, and they somehow managed to pick all the right things!

Kacy had been craving home-made scones since we’d arrived the night before, and Kroger was right next door to the sushi place, so we made a quick stop over for supplies.

We learned that Kacy has an incredible recipe for scones.

Getting inspired for the next adventure.

Atlanta, Georgia
I forget when it was originally brought up, but we got to talking to Adam about the travels he’s been on. First of all — he’s already seen all 50 states, as well as having visited Japan about a thousand times and seen many other countries.

During his travels, he met a lot of people who were teaching (or had previously taught) English in foreign countries. He was very excited at the idea of teaching English in Korea, where the programs pay the most relative to the hours, have the most perks, and there is the lowest cost of living.

Long story short, that’s now on my list of “likely maybes” for the upcoming years after this trip.

Our last day: The day of Adam.

After all of our bonding and talking over dinner, Adam was very excited to plan out our last day in Atlanta before we made our way to Alabama. Kacy laughed at him and said he’s never one to make plans, so that made Rachel and I feel pretty special!

We woke up to the amazing smells of sausage gravy and biscuits hot in the kitchen, and before long we were feasting for breakfast. Adam managed to lure Kacy out of bed with breakfast and before long we were on our way to see Stone Mountain Park.
Atlanta, Georgia
We arrived at a very theme-park-esque area before getting into the park. It felt a lot like walking into Knotts Berry Farm, only with less promise of roller coasters.

Kacy & Adam hadn’t been for a while and were shocked to see the amount of construction once we got inside. Every year they have a special lights show on the mountain, and it seemed they were building stadium seating for the event.

Adam had packed bocci ball set so we hunted around to find a grassy area that wasn’t fenced off for the construction. Thankfully, we found one, and Rachel and I got our first lessons in bocci ball!

Only too soon did we realize it was time to be off. We said our farewells and drove off West to Alabama.

Over and out.



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