A reflection on where doughnuts were born.

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Rachel Williams and Anne Dorko in North Carolina

Picture unrelated to doughnuts.

On July 19th of 1937, a genius decided to open up the first Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

In honor of that genius, and in celebration of melt in your mouth goodness, we gorged ourselves with dozens of hot doughnuts all night long in the birth city of the best doughnuts that ever existed.

Winston-Salem: A vicious cycle of gyms and doughnuts.

Rachel punching Anne in the face

Picture related to viciousness.

“My daughter Anne and her friend Rachel are on a road trip… They would love to visit North Carolina and see you and your family while they are there if you are up for it!” my mom wrote to Tonia, her friend and colleague from Alliant University in San Diego, CA.

“We are in Winston-Salem, not very glamorous but would love to see them!” came the reply from our newest planned stop on the road in North Carolina.

I had met Tonia a few times before at a few dinners, but much not beyond that. Rachel and I weren’t sure what to expect when we finally found the house off a quaint winding road, flourishing with more green than I’d ever seen.

North Carolina :)

Picture related to more green than I’d ever seen.

We were quickly initiated into a flurry of friendly faces and a welcoming family and a bizarre (but delicious) arrangement of pizza, barbecue and other foods that arguably may or may not all belong together in one buffet of serving plates.

Casen, Tonia’s son, was a bit shy but wasn’t too embarrassed to play “Shoot me!” with his dad and their nerf guns.

While we were there…

North Carolina was a great stop for resting, walking around the historical district, eating hot doughnuts at Krispy Kreme, and making a quick day trip to the Apple store in Greensboro.

Oh, and having a photoshoot:

North Carolina :)

North Carolina :)

North Carolina :)

North Carolina :)

Also, we did things like going to the gym and immediately following it up with a stop at Dunkin Donuts.

North Carolina :)

Why bother working out if you’re not going to indulge?

That’s how it works, right?

One night in Asheville.

After our fun and relaxing time with Tonia and her family, we made a one night stop in Asheville — a “granola” town full of delicious, organic and locally grown food.

Thanks for the tip, Tonia! And for everything else, too. :)

Over and out.

– Anne


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  1. Tonia says:

    LOL. We were happy to have you (“the girls”) visit, fun times!!!! :)